Hello Nuvo

Oxygen Concentrators, Revolutionized.


Nuvo Lite Family

The Nuvo Lite is by far the most innovative evolution in our pursuit to provide the absolute best to our customers. We’ve revolutionised the Nuvo by making it lighter and more compact, but with more functionality and benefits.


Nuvo Family

The strongest members of the Nuvo family, the Nuvo 8 and 10 provides large flow rates at high pressures, giving you expanded opportunities to provide for your patients.


Max 30

The Max 30 provides up to 30 liters of oxygen per minute and is ideal for small hospitals, laboratories and veterinary clinics. It can also be used as a cylinder filling station or connected to anesthesia machines and ventilators. It is built on a reliable modular platform with a superior grade of molecular sieve.



Pulmo-Mist® is a mere 3 lb. compressor driven nebulizer pump with a Maximum Operating Pressure of 35 psig with a Free Flow Rate of 6-8 LPM delivers medications quickly and effectively.  The reliability, performance, size and modern design make it ideal for both home care dealers and patients.

Nidek Nano


Introducing the Nano, a pulsed-dose & battery-operated Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) capable of supplying highly purified oxygen for on-the-go users of supplemental oxygen. The Nano is less than 5lbs, utilizes a backlight LED display panel for easy viewing, and comes with a carrying case to enable for an active lifestyle. The Nidek Nano POC is FDA, FAA, and CE approved, and can be operated either by battery or by AC/DC chargers. Contact us today with all your inquiries.

Your Partner in Respiratory Care

The Nuvo Family is engineered to provide a combination of enhanced features, reliability of a proven technology and ease of service.

Lockable Flow Control Valve and Metal Barbed Outlet featured on the Nuvo Lite Family

Lockable Flow Meter and Metal DISS Outlet featured on the Nuvo Family

Resettable Circuit Breaker on Nuvo and Nuvo Lite Families

Human Machine Interface available on the Max 30

Oxygen Concentration Status Indicator available for Control Boards in the Nuvo, Nuvo Lite and Max 30 Families

Lockable wheels available with the Nuvo, Nuvo Lite and Max 30 Families